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◆ if they can't get down, well we don't need them around ◆

Hayleys hair tho ♡
So proud of my bbies, they rocked late night ♥♥♥

I’m laughing more than I should at this.

Most. Difficult. Kitten. I’ve ever had to bottle feed. Ever. Holy shhhhh. And I have to do this every 2 hours for the next few weeks. What is sleep. Can’t do this single mother life man

you’re a shit jerker dick fucker assholer


Bout to go write my first hit single about crazy ex gfs that can’t take a fuckin hint and leave me alone no matter how mean you are or how much you ignore em hollaaa

Not too excited to be kitty foster mom for the night. Fuckin bitch ass momma cat gotta abandon this poor guy when I don’t have the car to go get formula for him.. I feel so bad :(
this is going to be a long night. I just hope the little sucker survives for the next 8 hrs seeing as idek the last time his mom actually fed him. Fuckin wtf man.