Wow who would go buy groceries right before the purge. Hahah lord I guess no one would die in a movie if they made smart decisions tho so

People say they hate where they live but they don’t move. See I moved far away but still do I this place. When will I find my true place I can call home.

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I finally figured out exactly what I want in my black and grey themed sleeve. Im so excited about it, I want to go ahead and meet with an artist but I need to make sure all the ink wont turn away potential gigs before I go get too excited and fuck up my career.
And I need to focus on getting at least one of my paramore tattoos before anything else.

Still pretty bummed that the phone I want turned out to be the size of my fucking head, but luckily for me theres a cheaper normal sized one with really great specs and reviews so whenever it decides to be friday, I can go buy it and finally chuck this dumb ass galaxy. And I’ll have a phone thats able to run 4g lte instead of this hetero 3g shit. Ah im soooo ready.